Frequent Questions
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Frequent Questions

  • Do you offer free samples?

    Yes, free samples are available..
  • If I want to visit your factory, which is the nearest international airport and

    Nanjing Airport. Our factory is in Danyang, about 1.5 hours by train from Shanghai Station or 1 hour by car from Nanjing Airport.
  • What is your payment terms?

    30% TT as deposit in advance, the balance against B/L Copy.
  • Which is your min order?

    1*20GP , and we also accept sample order. 
  • Can we use our shipping agent?

    Yes, you can. We had cooperated with many forwarders. If you need, we can recommend some forwarders to you and you can compare the prices and service.
  • Where is your main market?

    Our main market is in the North America, Euro, Middle East, South America and Oceania and more than 100 countries.

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